OPEN Creative Cafe and Gallery is currently closed due to COVID-19 guidance from the Government.
The Refugee Buddy Project is continuing with regular online contact with volunteers and the families we support.
We are currently running two public projects which you can get involved in.

Stitch For Change

#RefugeesWelcome Campaign

Below the latest local support information around East Sussex and can be viewed in several different langauges.
Please feel free to share the information on any social media or other networks you may use.

What is it like to be a Buddy?

Made into 2018, this was our first video, giving an insight into the Buddy journey.

Our year in images!

Put together by two amazing volunteers, with
music courtesy of the wonderful Epiphany

WOMA Awards 2019

Watch this video from UNHCR and Migrant Organise to learn the story behind the Project and what we do.